Screenshot of OB Triage Orientation Education Program Case 1 Early Labor Support
example of Obstetric Triage case study picture of pregnant woman talking to two nurses with image of maternal-fetal triage index next to her
example of Obstetric Triage case study picture of pregnant woman in pain on hospital bed with image of triage intake form
Knowledge check example with multiple choice question from the case study

Audience: Obstetric nurses orienting to the triage unit or experienced triage nurses who need competency validation

Duration: 2.5 hours

This asynchronous online interactive case study program prepares nurses orienting to the triage unit to care for women presenting with five common conditions—early term labor, rupture of membranes at term, decreased fetal movement, preterm labor symptoms and hypertension. Nurses learn how assigning acuity for each case with the Maternal Fetal Triage Index (MFTI) guides continuing care throughout the triage unit stay. Principles of escalation and effective communication are emphasized. Optimal nursing care in triage units is essential to preventing denial and delays in care that contribute to maternal morbidity and mortality.

Learning objectives include:

  • Use acuity classification to effectively coordinate care on the triage unit in collaboration with the obstetric care team.
  • Appraise nursing assessment and care for five common conditions seen in obstetric triage units.
  • Create discharge plans for pregnant women experiencing five common conditions.